Symptoms Of Anxiety attack-Quit Pretending

Symptoms Of Anxiety attack-Quit Pretending

Most people today, whether in a bustling metropolis or a provincial town might say that stress and anxiety are just a way of life, so isn’t it time you stopped pretending that stress and anxiety “aren’t” my way of life” and admit that you are anxious and stressed; that those symptoms that are “dogging” you just might be symptoms of anxiety attack or stress? As a matter of fact, if you could or would just accept that reality instead of fighting so hard against it, you might even feel some relief. Really, is it natural for a relatively young and otherwise healthy individual to react with such violent trembling, diarrhea and excessive sweating when facing a situation that wouldn’t cause a normal person to “break a sweat”?

Learning to accept and deal with anxiety disorders is much easier to accomplish and is much less strenuous for those who are willing to face the situation, learn all the particulars about the specific disorders, and research the treatments available to find the right one. The news is good because we know for a fact that anxiety disorders can be cured! You are not alone! Reports indicate that 40 million people in this country alone suffer with symptoms of anxiety and stress to the extent that they need treatment.

It is true that the sooner the symptoms of anxiety attack are recognized and addressed, the less damage is done to our bodies, because our bodies, with their built-in response to anything threatening, begin their defense immediately at the first sign of trouble. We can help our bodies in this defense by recognizing the symptoms and identifying their source. While there is no common pattern of symptoms for everyone afflicted or in the throes of becoming afflicted with the symptoms of anxiety attack, there are many easily recognizable symptoms to put you on alert.


You may have noticed that articles concerning anxiety almost always include the mention of stress, suggesting that they may be the same disorder. But they are not. However, they make up a somewhat vicious cycle of disorder in that it is the inability to handle the symptoms of stress that intensifies the anxiety which in turn, accelerates the stress, which then expedites the anxiety.As this cycle progresses to the point of the individual not being able to manage their reoccurring symptoms of anxiety attack, they must reach the point where they take hasty steps to get the best diagnosis and treatment available!

Now, let’s get back to those easily recognized symptoms and others, not so easily recognized. While there are many forms of anxiety disorders that differ with each individual, there is one dominant symptom of unreasonable, unrelenting non-stop fear and anguish over circumstantial events or surroundings that would ordinarily be of little concern to others. Some symptoms may last as long as an hour or more, others may last just briefly. The major concern of these symptoms of anxiety attack that are happening usually without any obvious reason would be the intensity of each attack and the acceleration of its progress.

If you are convinced that you need to look out for an effective diagnosis and treatment of your anxiety disorder, you will find many anxiety therapists listing the following as the most common major symptoms: unusual sweating, especially around the neck, chest and head; vision disorders, such as tunnel vision, blurry vision; headaches, from dull to severe; nausea, diarrhea, tingling and even numbness in their extremities.

Some anxiety symptoms are labeled as behavioral anxiety symptoms-these include: prolonged and rapid breathing; mental and speech confusion; trembling and nervous or repetitive movements etc; psychological anxiety symptoms including delusional episodes that manifest in paranoia and bizarre conduct. There are times when a person will transfer emotions from one person or object to another.This is called transference. Other symptoms are focusing on the dark, depression and despondency, difficulties with focusing on a thought, inner turmoil and upheaval; these things lead to a total lack of control and inability to function in life.

Because many of these symptoms of anxiety attack can often be confused with physical afflictions such as chest pains, digestive disorders, back conditions, chronic fatigue, head aches, mild and migraine, it will be to your benefit to enlist the services of your family physician in connecting you with the specialist or technician who can specifically diagnose and provide the proper treatment for your disorder. So get real! Get on the right side of treating these symptoms of anxiety attack and get rid of stress and anxiety!

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